Live Close To Narure!

On this earth lakhs and lakhs of Creatures are living from so many years. Out of them, human being is one of the creatures. All the creatures are following the principles of nature. They are living healthily, from their first breath to last breath., where as human beings in the name of civilization ,they are living away from the nature and habituated to live unnaturally. It leaded to unhealth and  unrest. 

Other creatures except human beings do not have intelligence, but human beings with their intelligency preparing food as per their desire and taste, where the nutritional values are given least priority.  

All the other animals, birds and other creatures are living in tune with nature, they are out of diseases.Even if any diseases comes  rarely, by the natural healing  system, within short time they become healthy. But in case of human beings , they are spoiling their health with their  whims and desires and taking the medicines. 

The human beings should keep in mind that the health is not in medicines or in the hands of Doctors, but that is in their hands only  and the particular persons only held responsible for their health. If these persons   are sincerely serious about their optimal good health, by changing their eating habits and life style  they can attain it. People should remember that the body is designed to be healthy. It is having its own healing system.If the people are fully understand this , then there will be no need of medical intervention. But unfortunately most of the people are giving more and more importance to earn money and  neglecting their own body. Most of the people are treating their body less than a machine.One thing they are forgetting even if the required fuel is not provided to the machine in time and its requirements are not fulfilled  timely the machine also will not work.

In natural food, all nutritional components required for natural health are inbuilt. Simply by taking natural food and by living close to nature all beings can obtain total health, which is Birth right of all beings.